Invasion of Bats (Mill)

Invasion of Bats (Mill)

  • 2022 -
  • Horror/Thriller -
  • 1s 30d

According to the legend, hundreds of centuries ago, to avenge the oppression of mankind; Flying creatures with sightless eyes choose that unforgettable day in time travel. Along with the historical remains of the creatures, their kings and queens lived in that region, the figures of these blind creatures are not found in the vicinity of the mill. The dreams of the miller's castle make time travel to the past. Castle cannot make anyone believe what happened. Finally, that day comes and as the creatures invade the region, he attaches a magic needle to the Castle so that they can take them into their ranks, these creatures raise an army of warriors against mankind by taking babies from the womb of pregnant women in the region...

The state, which could not solve this mystery, declared the mill area of the castle as a protected area. Castle is shown as a sacrificial murderer and is tried by death penalty. The soldiers who took the region under protection and some creatures caught in the lenses of the journalists who came to the region despite all their interventions show that the castle is innocent. The journalist captain and some villagers want to believe in the castle, and the captain witnesses the burning of the villages in the region, the death of pregnant women and the castle turning day into night. Military intervention cannot yield results. The region turns to hell...

Trailer : Invasion of Bats (Mill)
  • Vision Date : 02 May 2022, Diyarbakır
  • Director : Gani Rüzgar Şavata
  • Scenario : Gani Rüzgar Şavata
  • Producer : Tuğba Aras
  • Language : Türkçe
  • Cinematographer : Selim Özyılmaz
  • Music : Saffet Uluçay
  • CAST : Gani Rüzgar Şavata,Yalçın Dümer, Ahmet Satılmış, Nesrin Vural, Ekin Akkaş, Murat Arslan, Şehnaz Ağırgün, Ezel Ağaoğlu, Rojzerin Balıkcı, Şahin Bağcı, Sabr-i Elbintaal – Sabri Şahbaz, Yaşar Şahin, Hande Aslan, Ercan Koç, ve Neslihan Acar.
  • IMDb : ?/10

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